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Hi there!

On this website you will find a good part of the material that I have generated, from almost 50 years of academic life and 72 of life.  

I was fortunate to come into contact early with the concept of the Paradigmatic Revolution and with Radical Constructivism as a new philosophical paradigm. In Radical Constructivism, human beings construct reality by living it. We build it, literally, from the paradigms, attentional focuses and states of mind in which we are at the time of building it.

I invite you to practice and enjoy this constructivist option -if you don't already do it- by installing in yourself a state of mind of openness to the new and different; an intention to take advantage of this experience, depending on your particular interests; trying to focus attention not so much on the interpretative and action proposals that you will find here but rather on what happens to you when exposed to this material.

My best wishes that you take advantage of it and ideally enjoy it.

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